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Preparing your home for sale?

Confused about preparing your home for the market or selecting the best real estate agent?

Need someone on your team?

Let Peter, an experienced consultant (not a real estate agent), guide you through the process.

Peter offers expert advice on home preparation and assistance in agent interviews and selection,marketing strategies, and negotiations to ensure you make the best decisions for your sale.

Prepare your home for sale consultations and advisors, help with styling and presentation.

My Story

Peter Kassis: Your Expert in Property Marketing and Home Preparation

Hello, I'm Peter Kassis, Director of Asset Photographers. With over 24 years of experience in property marketing, I bring a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of property presentation and marketing strategies. For 14 years, I have led Asset Photographers, and I also have a decade of experience as a licensed Real Estate Agent, aiding in the preparation, presentation, and working with countless real estate agents. 

Peter's Expertise:

  • Styling

  • Presentation

  • Property Marketing

  • Go-to-Market Planning and Consultations

  • Agent Selection and Negotiations

  • Sales and property management 

  • Photography and digital marketing. 

How Can Peter Help You?

  • Consultations on preparing your home for the market

  • Advice on styling

  • Guidance on minor property renovations

  • Assistance in choosing the right property agent

  • Support in negotiations with property agents

  • Answers to property marketing questions

  • Help with agent interviews

  • Virtual staging recommendations

  • Photography and videography tips

  • Home improvement advice to increase market value

  • Open house preparation guidance

  • Creation of compelling property listings

  • Social media marketing strategies for your property

  • General property consultations ​


Wondering how it works?


The first step is to book Peter for an inspection of your property. Peter will walk through your home, identifying simple furniture items to remove, rearrange, or add to enhance the home's presentation.


Peter is available to discuss the process of getting your property live on the market. He can answer any questions about preparing for the market, choosing the right agent, and understanding how agents work. Peter will share tips and tricks on working with agents and address any other property-related concerns you may have.



Agent Interviews

If choosing an agent feels daunting, Peter can join you during agent interviews and assist throughout the process. As a neutral advisor, Peter will help you compare agents and make informed decisions. He is not a real estate agent and will be on your side, aiding in the selection and negotiation with the agent.



Once you're ready to go live, Peter can critique your marketing strategy to ensure it aligns with your best interests. He will provide feedback to optimise your property's market presence.

Q & A

Peter is available to answer any property-related questions and assist you throughout the home-selling process, should you wish. 


Call now to find out if Peter can assist you through the sale of your home. 

0466 380 190

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